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Pelosi’s Insane DTMNBN Plan Allows Prisons To Be Emptied


Pelosi’s Insane DTMNBN Plan Allows Prisons To Be Emptied

Steven Ahle | Opinion| 5/13/20 – Pelosi’s plan for the next round of stimulus is just as bad any thinking American would expect it to be.

Free all felons grant immunity to any illegal alien who takes a job away from an unemployed American and sends them all stimulus checks of up to $6,000.

Pelosi’s plan would free all federal prisoners who are considered nonviolent.

But that is deceiving since many defendants can plead guilty to a lesser offense that is not considered violent.

It also frees every illegal alien being held in federal detention centers or local jails.

It is up to local officials who decide if they are a danger to society and in sanctuary cities that will be all of them, no matter what they did or will do.

From Breitbart News

Already, thousands of inmates are being released from county and local prisons across the U.S. — including nearly 200 illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes, convicted sex offenders, suspects accused of murder, and repeat violent offenders. In New York City, alone, nearly 1,700 inmates have been freed from prison in the last two months, along with 830 inmates in Massachusetts, more than 4,500 inmates in Illinois, and more than 5,500 inmates in California.

Two provisions of Pelosi’s plan allow judges to reduce the sentences of felons and abolishes fees for pre-trial inmates so they can be released without posting bail:

During the COVID-19 emergency, expands court authority to order compassionate release for federal prisoners and to reduce sentences, and removes administrative barriers that slow the ability of prisoners to seek compassionate release. Authorizes courts to temporarily release persons who have been sentenced, but have not yet been transported to a Bureau of Prisons facility, to protect them from COVID-19. [Emphasis added]

Authorizes the establishment of a grant program that distributes funds directly to state and local courts, with the condition that they impose a moratorium on the imposition and collection of court-imposed fees and fines during the COVID19 crisis. [Emphasis added]

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