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“Red Flag of Doom” Symbolizing Enormous Battle Ahead Raised To Top Of Tallest Mosque In Iran


“Red Flag of Doom” Symbolizing Enormous Battle Ahead Raised To Top Of Tallest Mosque In Iran

Opinion| Syndicated Via Anonymous| | For the first time in recorded history, the symbolic “Red Flag” of Iran has been hoisted up over the holy dome of the famous Jamkarān Mosque, which is located in the city of Qom.

According to various posts on social media from Iranian sources, this red flag symbolizes that there is a great battle on the horizon.

Experts on the matter say that the flag was raised to the top of one of the biggest and most important mosques in Iran, as another symbolic gesture to indicate the great severity of the times.

The Tweet below, from Siffat Zahra, shows some footage of the flag being raised and gives an explanation of its symbolic significance.

This is certainly an unprecedented move for the Iranian government, who has rattled sabers with the United States for some time now.

Tensions have been growing between the two countries for many years, but after the recent killing of general Shahid Qassem Suleimani in targetted airstrikes, relations have never been worse.

In fact, since the attack was first reported, terms like “World War 3” have been trending globally, and with good reason, Iran has threatened a harsh retaliation in response to the attacks.

The United States government has justified the attacks by suggesting that general Shahid Qassem Suleimani was assisting terrorists in the middle east who were fighting against US forces.

Suleimani was killed while in a combat zone in Iraq, but he is also credited for helping groups to fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups in the region, so it would not be highly unusual or suspicious for him to have business in one of these conflict zones.

Following the attack, a senior military official in Iran threatened an attack on dozens of “American targets,” which reportedly included “destroyers and warships” located in the Persian Gulf.

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