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C0up: Schiff Just Set His Sites on VP Pence – Tells Maddow He’s “Acquired Evidence” from VP’s Office on Ukrainian Investigation

Mark Sidney

C0up: Schiff Just Set His Sites on VP Pence – Tells Maddow He’s “Acquired Evidence” from VP’s Office on Ukrainian Investigation

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  This is what happens when people, with power, who were once above the law, are now worried about losing everything they have, including their liberty.

Adam Schiff is a known liar, on the largest scale this Earth has seen since, well, likely since the ‘Bagdad Bob’ days.

This is the level of credibility that Adam Schiff has, as far as I am concerned.

However, Adam and his cabal of tyrants is in a race against time to remove the Trump Administration and stop Attorney General, William Barr, and his US Attorney, Durham, from completing and publishing the findings of their exhaustive search into the origins and occurrences of the suspected preemptive/coup against President Trump.

Schiff is also racing against Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy claims to have, and has been slowly releasing, evidence, which, in the kindest of terms, does not look good for the Democrats, especially Biden, and likely Schiff, Pelosi, perhaps even Clinton and Obama.  I suppose only time will tell what it is that Rudy has.

Schiff may be a crook and a shameless liar, but one thing he is not, is a complete and total fool.

Because of this, Adam understands that in order to save his crime family from the crushing force that is the Trump DOJ, he must do more than merely find a way to remove President Trump.

Schiff and co. must remove VP Pence as well.

If Pence is successfully removed in addition to Trump, the Speaker of the House becomes President.

Seeing as I can not get in the mind of Adam Schiff, I can only guess as to what he is thinking.

From where I sit, there can be two things going trough his head:

1) We can pull this coup off, and with Pelosi as President, we can sweep all of our crimes and the alleged ‘misuse’ of $5,300,000,000 in taxpayer money, turned ‘aid’ to Ukraine, under the (likely Persian) rug:

The other possibility, the one that I think is inevitable if the Dems are able to physically remove both Trump and Pence from office, is civil unrest.  Either Schiff thinks he can get away with this, or, if not, the Dems will just collapse the nation upon itself and make their escape as the ‘boogaloo’ begins.

‘Oh, shhhh, you kook, no one is going after Pence, conspiracy theorist!’ I can hear the bots on Twitter now.

Well, funny that you says that:

The Gateway Pundit is reporting: ‘Adam Schiff went on with Rachel Maddow last night to push their Trump-Ukraine conspiracy — something that was completely debunked everywhere after three weeks of testimony except on CNN, MSNBC and the fake news media.

During their conversation Schiff announced he was going after Vice President Mike Pence next and may have “acquired evidence” that the Vice President is hiding information in the House Ukrainian investigation.’

Adam Schiff: Well, we have acquired a piece of evidence, classified by Jennifer Williams, something she alluded to in her open testimony. Then going back and looking through her records she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we asked her about and made that submission. There is nothing that is classified in the document but the vice president’s office has said they are going to classify… It is not proper to classify something because it would be embarrassing or incriminating. And that submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge. We think the American people should see it.

This is rapidly becoming a very, very, very dangerous situation.

I would urge Barr and Durham to increase the speed at which they are working, if at all possible, and begin releasing some of the most damning, most ironclad, incontrovertible evidence they have obtained, ASAP.

In my view, the administration needs to get out in front of this and expose the REAL reasons why the Democrats are so desperate to remove this administration, completely, at any cost.

I really do believe that we will look back on this time in history as either the moment we broke the back of the power structure and their quest to put America’s sovereignty in it’s trophy case, or the moment humanity was finally enslaved, once and for all.

It sure feels like this is all about to come to a head ….

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