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Joe Biden Posts Family Christmas Photo That Has Everyone Asking One Question: “Where Is Hunter?”

Mark Sidney

Joe Biden Posts Family Christmas Photo That Has Everyone Asking One Question: “Where Is Hunter?”

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Quick, someone check the local strip club, Hunter Biden is missing!

Well, Hunter is not really missing, he was in court this week regarding a dispute with an exotic dancer he impregnated and has refused to pay child support to, according to accusations.

Like most American families, Joe Biden, the man who is rapidly appearing to be becoming the fall guy for all of the Obama Administration’s alleged grift in, and around, Ukraine, posted a family portrait to social media earlier today in honor of Christmas.

The image, which is posted below, appears to feature Joe Biden, his wife Jill and six other, younger, individuals, gathered around the fireplace.

The Gateway Pundit was quick to pick up on what the image did NOT show, specifically, Hunter Biden.

Take a look:

“May your time with loved ones be full of peace, laughter, and joy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. With love, from my family to yours”, Biden’s social media people wrote.

Hoft’s crew were not the only ones to notice the absence of the family’s black sheep:

Link to Where’s Hunter? on Twitter.

In fairness, the image seems to feature, who I can only guess are, Biden’s Grandchildren.  However, if this is the case, there is one that is curiously missing … Hunter’s love child with Ms. Roberts.  OK, sorry, low blow … err … never mind.

It is often said that nothing in politics happens by accident.  I think it is more than likely that Hunter, who we learned this week from court filings is under investigation for some serious crimes, is not in the picture because the recovering addict is not exactly who Joe wants to be seen with right now.  This could explain why Biden’s  team chose this picture to post on Twitter.

If confronted about the absence of Hunter, the Biden clan can say the picture was just the Bidens with their Grandchildren, which is a reasonable and plausible explanation.

Kristinn Taylor of the Gateway Pundit points out: ‘Maybe Hunter was the one taking the picture.’

So, if you find yourself with some holiday blues, or perhaps surrounded by family members who you would rather not be around, remember, it could always be worse … you could be Joe … or Hunter, Biden.

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