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LMAO: Biden’s Campaign Stop Goes Off The Rails As Creepy Joe Gets Called Out For Touching Kids & Ukrainian Allegations

Mark Sidney

LMAO: Biden’s Campaign Stop Goes Off The Rails As Creepy Joe Gets Called Out For Touching Kids & Ukrainian Allegations

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Just in case you need a little laugh this morning, boy, do we have the videos for you.

If you a re reading this, odds are you know all about ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ and his proclivity for … well, touching kids.  Joe is so comfortable touching kids that he does not seem to mind being filmed doing so.

Don’t believe me?  OK, fine, see for yourself:

Yeah, it’s just … creepy.

Well, it seems that President Trump’s courage to run for POTUS …essentially, against both parties, is wearing off on the citizens of this nation.  For too long we have sat by and minded our own business, while our nation was being sold down the river by corrupt politicians, from BOTH sides of the isle.

Perhaps inspired by Trump’s fearlessness in the face of the DS, a few patriots took time out of their Sundays to attend a Biden event, and turn the screws on the former Vice President.

The videos (below) are priceless.

One ‘heckler’ called Mr. Biden a ‘pervert’ and ‘Quid Pro Joe!’  The protestor then went on to instruct ‘Quid Pro Joe’ to ‘stop touching kids’ at his New Hampshire campaign stop.

‘What is this guy talking about, Biden doesn’t like touching kids … or ‘kids bouncing’ ‘on his lap’, that is an absurd, irresponsible and dangerous allegation, you racist’, a typical Biden supporter may say.

Ok, do not take my word for it, listen to old happy hands himself:

Later, another ballsy attendee of the event interrupted to ask the serial groper where he and his son, Hunter, put the money they earned in Ukraine.  Biden responded by stating that he has released the last 21 years of his tax returns.

However, this does not give me much comfort after Joe’s son Hunter’s baby mama, Lunden Roberts’ counsel told an Arkansas court that, after receiving money from a company owned by Hunter Biden ‘She never received a tax document for these payments,’ …  adding that the undisclosed amount of payments are reflected on her bank records.’  The Daily Mail reported.

However, the fun did not stop there. Yet another protester yelled “Quid Pro Joe” from the crowd.

The Gateway Pundit reported: ‘During a previous stop in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden shocked the nation as he described letting kids play with his leg hair in a pool.

“And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap,” Biden said.’

Is it just my perception, or is Joe Biden the only one who does not seem to know that he is more likely to wind up in the big house than the White House?

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