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“This is the Biggest Single Development in the Durham Investigation to Date” Fmr US Attorney on Admiral Rogers Working W/ Durham

Mark Sidney

“This is the Biggest Single Development in the Durham Investigation to Date” Fmr US Attorney on Admiral Rogers Working W/ Durham

hhhhOpinion| Mark Sidney|  IG Horowitz’s report left a little to be desired, and seemed to lack the … balls ,to put in writing, what we all believe to be the fact of the matter: the investigation into team Trump was purely of political  motivation.

All one has to do is read the text messages between Strzok and Page and you can figure this out.  Horowitz’s report was a little disappointing, but thats was to be expected as all he has the power to oversea is the Justice Department, and from what we can gather, this plot against Trump was not only interagency, it was also multinational.

If you follow Fox News at all, or are on social media and are lucky enough to be one of the few people who still see posts from people with views to the right of, say, Stalin, you most likely know who Mr. Joe DiGenova is.

Joe diGenova is a very well respected former US Attorney, who just so happens to be married to Victoria Toensing, another top conservative lawyer.  In fact, the dynamic duo work together out of their own DC law firm, unsurprisingly named: ‘diGenova & Toensing.’

The dynamic duo have been at the forefront, warning the DS that their time would soon be up, and that the good guys have been building their cases this whole time, waiting for the right moment to go public with charges.

This last week the former US Attorney, diGenova, revealed that Durham’s Investigation had just received it’s biggest gamer changer to-date.  The event?

American hero, and patriot to the core, Admiral Mike Rodgers, the former Director of the NSA, the man who came to Trump Tower a few weeks following Trump’s election win in 2016 to warn the incoming POTUS that he was being … ‘spied’ on was now helping Durham in his investigation.

The America First Blog posted an interview with Joe when he shared the following:

This is the biggest single development in the Durham Investigation to date.  We were told according to public reports that Admiral Rogers met several times with John Durham and that we now know that Admiral Rogers, who is the central figure in uncovering the illegal electronic spying done by the Obama Administration, prior to the Carter Page FISA warrant.  The spying that went on from 2012 to 2016, involving FBI contractors illegally accessing NSA data.

Mr. Rogers discovered that, reported it to the FISA Court, all of that spying was stopped and has led to this crescendo of illegal activity by Comey, Clapper and Brennan.  It led into the so-called ‘Crossfire Hurricane investigation to cover up that previous spying that had been going on.

Rogers has an electronic trail of all the spying that went on over 5 years.  He has personal notes, ala James Comey, only this time they are not self-serving notes, they are the truth.

Mike Rogers I have described as the Rosetta Stone of this investigation.  This is the single most important development in this.  I have been suggesting for a long time that ultimately Rogers would be the key to any criminal investigation.  That is coming true.  What we now know will happen is I can be fairly comfortable in suggesting there will be a substantial criminal conspiracy indictment involving a lot of people with the electronic spying that was done.”

diGenova took time to point out just how important Rep. Devin Nunez was in the effort to bring these crimes to light and to not let these bad actors get away with what they allegedly did to the integrity of our elections. 

Back in April 2016, The Gateway Pundit reported that:

On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office.  The report to date received little attention.  Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the reportObama’s FBI and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights.  This went on for years.  One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

Today TGWP continued: ‘This heavily redacted report also stated that James Clapper’s NSA had an “institutional lack of candor”.  When this report came out there was little mention in the MSM and the FISA Court did little to nothing to bring the culprits in front of the court and hold them accountable.

Jeff Session’s DOJ did nothing.  The FISA Courts did nothing.  Now it’s up to AG Barr and US Attorney Durham to finally bring justice to the illegal actions taken by the Democrats and the Obama cabal who had no respect for the rule of law.’

With Admiral Rodgers cooperating with the Durham investigation, if I were part of the cabal that tried to sink Trump, I would be scared … VERY SCARED …

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