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Breaking: Iraqi Parliament Hold Historic Emergency Vote, Sides With Iran, Votes To Kick US Out Of Nation

Mark Sidney

Breaking: Iraqi Parliament Hold Historic Emergency Vote, Sides With Iran, Votes To Kick US Out Of Nation

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  As the New York Times reported yesterday, the Iraqi Parliament held an ‘extraordinary’ session earlier today.

The emergency meeting was in response to the drone strike, which President Trump ordered, that resulted in the assassination, of Iran’s Quds Force General Soleimani, [Abu Mahdi] al-Muhandis, and 5 other individuals.

If you recall our report yesterday, the Iraqi deputy parliament speaker, vowed to use the meeting to ‘”decisive decisions that put an end to US presence inside Iraq.”

Well, now that meeting has now happened and the results are likely going to prove to be a game changer for the region.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that: ‘The Iraqi Parliament held an emergency session on Sunday to discuss the US airstrike in Baghdad that killed Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

On Sunday the Iraqi Parliament voted to end US military presence in their country.’

You can watch the video here.

The result of this vote did not come as a surprise, however, it will make situation in the region way more volatile.

We can all thank George Bush, yet again, for getting us into this quagmire.  However, do not forget to pay Obama and HRC compliments for helping Iran gain power and advance their military and nuclear capability in the region.

Americans do not want another war, in fact, President Trump was elected largely due to his antiwar stance, IMHO.  So far Trump has been very good about using overwhelming force as a deterrent against on going conflict.

However, with the DS seemingly helping Iran work against Trump, this test should prove to be the most difficult one yet.  Time will tell how this conflict will unfold, but today’s action by the Iraqi parliament surely will not make things less volatile.

We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you more reports as the conflict unfolds.  Please pray for peach and our soldiers in the region.

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